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The fodder can be classified in the following categories:


Damodar Mills Branded Cattle Feed is in Mash & Pellet forms based on the Milk Yield of Animals to meet out its nutrient requirement.

S.No Name Recommendation
1      50 kg Hiq-Milk Maker (Pellet)      Formulated for better yielding results.
2      50 kg Mother Cattle feeds (Mash)      Formulated for better yielding results.
3      50 kg Three in One Feeds Olaya, Dallah, Al hair      Specially formulated feed for young and old animals to
     achieve standard growth and strength.

Damodar mills Poultry Feed is enriched with all essential nutrients. We ensure a "Solid Foundation" for excellent Growth & Health. We met all the nutritional requirements for all modern and hybrid broilers. We provide all essential vitamins & minerals to attain higher body weight gain and better dressing yield.

S.No Name Recommendation
1      50 kg Broiler Finisher Ordinary (Mash)      For higher Body Weigh Gain, Better Dressing Yield
2      25 kg Broiler Finisher Ordinary (Mash)      For higher Body Weigh Gain, Better Dressing Yield


Damodar Mills have launched Feeds for Goat to meet its growing demand. Goat feed is recommended for all age groups of Goat to achieve maximum body weight gain.

S.No Name Recommendation
1      20 kg Goat Feeds (Pellet)      Prepared for better body weight gain.


Damodar Mills engaged in the manufacturing of supreme quality of rabbit feed which keeps them in good health. The feed is rich with Cereals, Grains, amino acids & vitamins which are effective for growing rabbits. It keeps the rabbits more active & energetic.

S.No Name Recommendation
1       20 kg Rabbit Feeds (Pellet)      Prepared for better body weight gain.


Damodar Mills have evolved expertise in the domain of manufacturing Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed, Goat Feed and Rabbit Feed. We manufacture products using natural and fresh ingredients. Our products have found wide applications in the farming industry. Fresh, free from contaminants, hygienically packed and ability to face climate variations are the major features due to which our products having high demand.

Usually the end products will contain the following items in the depicted manner:

  • De-oiled Coconut Cake
  • De-oiled Sunflower Cake
  • De-oiled Groundnut Cake
  • De-oiled Cotton seed Cake
  • De-oiled Silk Cotton Cake
  • De-oiled Soya Bean Cake
  • De-oiled Rice Bran 1st Grade
  • De-oiled Rice Bran 2nd Grade
  • De-oiled Tamarind Seed
  • Maize
  • Jowar
  • Molasses
  • Broken Wheat
  • Calcium Powder
  • Salt
  • Mineral mixture, Etc.

S.No Name Recommendation
1       25 kg Quail Layer Feeds      

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